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Current Score: Trees:0 – Humankind: -420 (ppm)

24 Sep

Balance! I always say all of life – and science is about finding – and maintaining – balance. Whether it’s balancing a chemical equation and surviving chemistry class or getting through the day balancing work, work-outs, and a night out. My balance is challenged navigating icy sidewalks – yet I know it’s not really my greatest problem.

Greta Thunberg and other young leaders are demanding the UN take real action on our planets imbalance. About time right?

The UN and world corporations must take action to cut greenhouse gases and each and every one of us will have to act alongside them. It’s time for team-work – balancing OUR climate will be a team effort meaning that each and every one of us has to take action. Yup, individually and societally all of us are key players to keep the ball in play – and balanced.

SOOOO, which team are you on?

Mother Nature will always win – she is resilient. In truth, so is Humankind even though we’re currently imbalanced in so many ways. BTW: to ‘play’ we need to breathe, and right now we’re lobbing way too much CO2 at far too few O2 producers. This simple cycle we all memorized for a science test has become the central question of our life test. Will we pass?

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Time for a balanced game. Time to start a PERSONAL Climate Action. I’ve got a few ideas, but first share how you can become a team leader.

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