About Linda

Linda Katz is the creator of Human Nature Concepts, an innovative approach to teaching social/communication skills through science. This approach perfectly ‘marries’ her experiences and knowledge as a high school science teacher, and, as a communication/conflict management/leadership trainer and coach.

Linda’s philosophy:  I believe all teens should learn about themselves and define their identity including their talents, needs, and, strengths. It is only through a strong identity (we) can develop strong relationships and practice true self-love; create win-win relationships with others; understand and care about the environment and the role a healthy environment plays in a healthy life; and, creating a healthy relationship with money and the role it plays in relationship with self and the environment. I believe identity and relationships can be learned and explained through the laws of science and nature, and, is the basis of Human Nature Concepts.

Realizing the laws of science and nature explained our human behavior, Linda sees HNC as a way to improve science education AND provide skills and strategies for self-knowledge and improved connection between people. She knows self-knowledge develops confidence to connect and relate to others, a vital action in an increasingly lonely world. Loneliness, a byproduct of technology along with climate change make the need for each of us to possess Emotional and Environmental Intelligences, important skills to thrive and adapt. Linda is passionate about providing people the self-knowledge for personal balance. She believes if we care about ourselves, we’ll care about the greater world around us, and therefore make changes to address the climate crisis.

As an optimist, Linda knows we can do better with the right knowledge and skills and believes HNC is the base for that. This is a very different approach and we need new ways of thinking/teaching to succeed with new societal challenges. Linda’s eclectic experience, perspective and style brings this approach to life.

Linda is a dynamic speaker and facilitator, able to engage and entertain audiences of all ages to act and react to new knowledge and new ideas.

Her philosophy of learning is: make it personal, focus on action, and make it fun!

She brings over 35 years of experience to the table including:

  • Teaching high school science: chemistry and biology
  • Teaching education classes to future teachers at several major universities
  • Facilitating communication and conflict management classes to thousands of people in business and education; from high school students, teachers, and corporate executives
  • Working with scientists and engineers to develop interpersonal skills, teamwork, and technical knowledge
  • Served two Peace Corps Assignments: South Africa and Ukraine

Contact Linda today for more information and to schedule a workshop or talk . Let’s make learning and talking about Science and Self important. Let’s change the world, and, how we think about ourselves one conversation at a time.

Call: What’s App: +3801604185

Email: human.natureconcepts@gmail.com

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