About Human/Nature/Concepts


 Let’s face it – everything is about identity. From individual to cultural identity we humans explore, create and recreate identity. 

Identity is how we do anything and everything, or as I once read: the way you do anything is the way you do everything.

I say ‘everything’ is how we communicate and our behavior. This blog explores the key concept of Human/Nature/Concepts (HNC): how our

Human behavior mimics the laws of science and nature.

Beware: this is metaphorical not rocket science. After all, so many science based metaphors are already used in everyday life. Human behavior proves the science!

It’s the grey area between the pages of any scientific journal; the alchemy of science and emotional intelligence (recognizing and using your own/others emotions to guide thinking and behavior). I’m thinking it is the way to progress both science education and our definition of humanity. In fact, I say:

Everything I need to know about life  I could have learned from Mother Nature! 

Let’s have a conversation – join me in this exploration whether from the classroom to the boardroom.

Looking for a Speaker?    I’m a dynamic and interactive speaker for audiences from tweens to corporate executives.  Topics tie together basic communication, conflict, relationships, life focus, finances with the laws of science and nature!  I promise talks to inform, promote thought and action, and entertain.

Let’s rewrite science education! Contact me to create curriculum that fuses science with self-knowledge. In our changing world teaching our kids to be self-aware and emotionally intelligent is as important as scientific literacy.

About me, Linda B. Katz:  Human/Nature is the creative fusion of my careers as a science teachercommunication coach and facilitator. My work as a coach and writer is to help us understand our behavior, identify needs through balance, while creating a balanced and sustainable life.  I believe if we are happy, we will live WITH the environment and within our means – better for us and the environment.

I’m a space explorer:  exploring space between ideas, people, and disciplines. The connection between these spaces offers insight, and meaning.

I’ve inhabited space as a  high school biology and chemistry  teacher, education adjunct (including teaching science methods to future elementary education teachers!), Research & Development trainer for hair care scientists, technical trainer, and, facilitation, coaching, and training in the ‘soft’ skills including:

  • Communication,
  • Conflict management,
  • Leadership,
  •  Motivation,
  • Public Speaking,
  • Values,
  • Creating financial balance,
  • Stress management, and,
  • Most important:  Listening.

My friend Michael says:  ‘don’t just think outside the box:  step outside’.  I agree and add:  be sure to take your valuables with you before you step.  After all, life is a journey and the mementos we pick up along the way are laden with stories and learnings that make our next stop ‘home’.

There is so much to learn in this life, and so much we can learn from Mother Nature IF we stop to listen.

Listen and learn with me.

Our ability to survive and thrive as individuals and a species depends on it!


Please tell me what you think!

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