About Human/Nature/Concepts


 Let’s face it – everything is about identity. From individual to cultural identity we humans explore, create and recreate identity. 

Identity is how we do anything and everything, or as I once read: the way you do anything is the way you do everything.

I say ‘everything’ is how we communicate and our behavior. This blog explores the key concept of Human/Nature/Concepts (HNC): how our

Human behavior mimics the laws of science and nature.

Uniquely, HNC teaches both Emotional Intelligence and Environmental Intelligence – likely the two most important skills/knowledge we’ll need to thrive and navigate the future, all through the laws of science and nature.

  • Understanding the importance of identity, HNC explores and expands identity through our Four Key Relationships including our relationships with:
    • Self
    • Other People
    • The Environment
    • Money and ‘stuff’

Too many current students – and people in general don’t understand much less remember the basic laws of science and nature. Yet, these laws are important for every aspect of our lives IF THEY ARE TAUGHT IN A RELEVANT AND INTERACTIVE WAY. HNC turns science into the most personal of subjects, providing a way to teach science in a way students can and want to relate to. Science should be the most interesting and exciting subject on every one’s list – HNC can make it exciting through everyday science metaphors and showing the link between self and science.

HNC is the grey area between the pages of any scientific journal; the alchemy of science and emotional intelligence (recognizing and using your own/others emotions to guide thinking and behavior). HNC heightens a sense of self-awareness, helping people identify their strengths, live within their financial means, and most importantly, treat others in a way to create win-win relationships and NOT bully.

Technology may have stunted our social skills; HNC provides tools to promote connection and creating strong win-win relationships beginning with self. After all, we need prompts to talk and share our feelings – feelings we all have which can build (not break) relationships.

This same technology and ‘progress’ has turned our nurturing environment into a global climate crisis. Each of us must know and understand what Climate change means and how we must act to save ourselves – and the environment. Science and Environmental Intelligence are critical for this understanding and sustainable action. Humans have the power to change – and improve – and HNC provides the knowledge for individuals to care – and therefore to take action.

Now is the time. Let’s have a conversation – join me in exploring relationships and creating action through Environmental and Emotional Intelligence.


Workshops:   Tailor-made workshops are available for schools and businesses to build and improve relationships and action. Workshops for schools can be geared for both teachers and students. Teachers, as classroom leaders are key for creating safe and dynamic environments for students to learn and explore self and science through HNC topics.

Workbooks are provided.

Partnerships for Change: I’m looking to partner with school districts and organizations open to creating effective and dynamic curriculum that fuses science with self-knowledge. Contact me for more information at: human.natureconcepts@gmail.com

Please tell me what you think!

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