Teen Success: Science and Social Skills!

Human/Nature tutoring and coaching for Teens:

Tutoring and coaching to bridge the skills and knowledge needed for life success – and passing science!

This is an easy, and organic way for teens to learn about themselves while developing skills to: learn how to learn, problem-solve, communicate, develop confidence, speak publicly, Listen, resolve conflict, and, manage money.

Sciences includeBiology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science

Tutoring focuses on the content.

Coaching incorporates life skills and emotional intelligence with the science topics.

Here’s a few examples of the science topic and their Human/Nature topics:

  • Niche (biology) and Periodic Table (chemistry):  Communication style
  • Predator/prey (bio) and Gas laws (Chem):  Conflict Management
  • Immune system (bio) and Gas laws (Chem):  Creativity
  • All sciences:  Equilibrium and balance
  • Environmental Science:  Financial literacy
  • Ecosystems (bio) Chemical bonding (Chem):  Relationships and dating

Specifically students will learn and identify the following:

  1. Communication style using the DiSC assessment tool
  2. Values and what’s important/motivating using a standard tool
  3. DiSC and values tools both teach about conflict management
  4. Values focuses financial literacy
  5. Speaking and Listening skills are developed through processes including:  ‘open-ended questions, ‘I’-statements, Peter Senge’s Moments of Awareness, and, non-verbal messages.

My philosophy:  I believe all teens should learn about themselves and develop strategies and understanding to use their talents and strengths.  I also believe science, especially environmental issues, direct thinking and action in our lives and will becoming increasingly important.

Please call for more information and a free consultation.  Individual and group sessions are available.

Call Linda at:  646-643-7760

or email at:



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